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School Healthcare Programe

School Healthcare comprises of a range of activities & services aimed at maintaining and improving the Student’s Physical, Mental, and Emotional Wellbeing and focus to build – KAL KA BHARAT
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School Healthcare Camps for bright future for tomorrow !!
School Healthcare
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Healthy Students are the Future of India – KAL KA BHARAT NIRMAN. Students with good health are likely to attend school regularly and perform well academically. School healthcare ensures that students receive timely medical attention, reducing absenteeism and contributing to a conducive learning environment.

School Healthcare Services in India are essential for encouraging a healthy and thriving younger generation. It plays a major role in addressing health challenges, promoting preventive healthcare, and contributing to the overall well-being of both students and the broader community.

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Students Healthcare

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Healthcare Camps
What we offer

A Personalized
Student-Driven Healthcare Services

Recognizing every student is unique. Our services are crafted to adapt to the unique needs in promoting active involvement and enabling students to assume control of their personal health journey.

Vision & Hearing Tests

Assessing students' vision and hearing is crucial for identifying potential issues that may affect their learning. Regular screenings help detect problems early and ensure that students have access to the necessary interventions, such as glasses or hearing aids.

Dental Check-ups

Dental health is important for overall well-being. Dental check-ups can identify issues like cavities or gum disease. Schools may partner with dental professionals to conduct on-site check-ups or provide information about dental care

Physical Health Assessments

Physical health assessments may include measurements such as height, weight, and body mass index (BMI). These assessments help track growth and development and may also indicate potential health risks.

Mental Health Screenings

Mental health screenings assess students for signs of emotional or behavioral challenges. These screenings may be conducted by school counselors or mental health professionals to identify students who may benefit from additional support or intervention

Developmental Screenings

Developmental screenings assess various aspects of a child's development, including motor skills, speech and language, and social-emotional development. Early identification of developmental delays allows for timely interventions

Health Education Assessments

Assessments related to health education may test students' knowledge of topics such as nutrition, hygiene, sexual health, substance abuse prevention, and other aspects of a healthy lifestyle.

corporate healthcare for school staff

By Prioritising Educators Corporate Healthcare, we foster a culture of Excellence, Resilience, & Collective Success !!

Health Screenings & Wellness Programs

Organize health screenings for staff, covering aspects such as blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other relevant metrics. This proactive approach enables early detection of potential health issues.

Health Education Resources:

Distribute educational materials and resources on various health topics to empower staff members with knowledge and tools to make informed decisions about their health.

Access to Healthcare Professionals 24/7 Support

Facilitate easy access to healthcare professionals, ensuring that staff members can quickly and conveniently address their health concerns contributing to a positive and supportive working environment .

Healhcare at GLANCE

Health is the greatest wealth - a sound body and a serene mind pave the way for a fulfilling life.

Integrating healthcare services into an education brand can offer several benefits to students and the broader educational community.

Pick a date & Healthcare Package

First step is to schedule an appointment, either through online platforms, phone calls, or in-person visits.

Healthcare Consultation

Steps designed to understand student's health like vitals signs like blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and temperature & medications.

Get a Health Data Analysis

All relevant information, including the Student's history, examination findings, and the Observation shared on the day, is documented in the medical records.

create a healthier & more empowered school community.

Bring a Brillant Future with best Healthcare Programs

Implementing a School Healthcare & Corporate Healthcare Program for Educators is a strategic investment in Students & employee as staff well-being, job satisfaction, and overall productivity.

With these Healthcare Services every School demonstrate a commitment to the health and well-being of their Students Staff, fostering a positive and supportive working environment. This, in turn, contributes to a more engaged and effective school community.


Caring for all your Students and Staff Healthcare Needs.

School Healthcare Services contribute significantly in creating a healthy and supportive learning environment for Students including School Administration. This is resulting in the growth of not only the Education system but to the entire country.

Healthcare Programs for School Staff : A Platform for healthcare services and support for the well-being of School Staff in educational institutions, including teachers, administrative staff, and helpers or other personnel. Here @tathastuhealthcare we believe good health can bring positive work environment, promote productivity, and fostering a culture of well-being within the educational community.

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